Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Swollen Toe In Toddler Toddler With Painful Infection?

Toddler with painful infection? - swollen toe in toddler

My son is 23 months. I noticed that I cry and seemed in pain and stuck in his buttocks shifts () and took the big seat and take a look, and his penis seems to be red and swollen. I called NHS Direct and was told to take it directly to the emergency TPD.

When she arrived 30 minutes later, he screamed in pain and his penis was red and swollen that he was dying to lick blood and pus and could not urinate at all.

I do not understand how a child of that age could have an infection like this? If there is a finger or toe may think that I did something a certain way, but her private parts are always covered by the layer, so that if the infection are still affected? There is no way that all HAVING touched inappropriately, since, for me 24 / 7.

He had some tests and management of urination, and sent us home with antibiotics and painkillers, but I'm curious how this happened first and what is the medical term for them is confused, "The doctor asked me if his penis was not normal but I'm working age and not in the medical profession, how can I know what to think of a boy's private parts? "I have nothing to compare.


Thank you.


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