Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Russian Tiny Loli Do Russian Tortoises Eat Tiny Spiders Less Than The Size Of A Cenimeter?

Do russian tortoises eat tiny spiders less than the size of a cenimeter? - russian tiny loli

Spider is a very small spider in the cage of my Russian tortoise, and wondered whether it would be damaging for my turtle, eat or Russia?


fruitcak... said...

Russia can not eat when the spider is sitting on top of their food and by chance I do not bite by the spider and the turtle and tortoise shell plates in the legs to protect the turtles a spider, remember that turtles are poorly armored tanks and not much will be received by their armor protection, but if it bothers you, simply remove the spider good luck honey

kate_fsh... said...

I have a Russian tortoise and the books I read say that the turtle would not eat any insects at all, because it digest too much protein for them. So, I advise you not to eat everything!

Matayeos said...

I do not think you should stop eating because they can bite Tortise mouth when he died i eat daughter, but do not get it worth a spider sicker and veterinarians charged

Maguu said...

It will eat will not affect your liability, but not the damage.

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