Sunday, February 21, 2010

How To Crack Casehard Combination Lock How Do I Crack/find The Combination To My Lock?

How do I crack/find the combination to my lock? - how to crack casehard combination lock

I have a casehard lock on my desk, but I will not break, I want the combination to enable reuse. Is there a method to find that combination?

I have already tried the path Masterlock, but does not work the first step.


William B said...

Turn the knob clockwise, 2 or more turns, the clock
To turn the hole in the ear until it locks into place [# to write down]
Return to the fight against time # Clicking this writing, listening,
then turn on the clock, then click with the flip open
If this fails, the back with an "X" pipe, door knockers, where X runs pass through the upper holes 1 / 4 inch holes, then with a torch to do the same, [] markup to a U-shape, see above come. than 3 U-line forms and open

STEVEN F said...

A lock as standard with the numbers 1 to 40 possible combinations to 64,000. You should only about 5 years to try them all. If the work is no direct access, the lock is worth the cost of buying a new one.

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