Friday, February 5, 2010

Radio Controlled Titanic Which Is Better A Petrol Or Electric Radio Controlled Airplane?

Which is better a petrol or electric radio controlled airplane? - radio controlled titanic

Looking to buy a radio controlled aircraft, but can not decide what is best for me, I'm a beginner, but I do not want to buy a soon to be too easy and need to buy another. I am also looking for someone who is practical. My main question is what is best is a gasoline or electric airplane?


=)) said...

Electric motor and batteries in the last two years, cutting and duration of the service, which is now equal to and sometimes better than CI, but not how the performance of the device of the type you really need to have if, as you say you have no experience, a kind of flying high-wing trainer is more visible, but when I discovered some years ago, after a short time, the progress made. is so necessary, really depends on your budget and commitment, id you beat a trainer the cheapest (electric or IC) used, and if given in a club, take a lot of support and information to help.

Happy flying

Professor Sheed said...

Remote-controlled electric.

vskane20... said...

Not an expert on this subject, but the biggest problem is power, "ten times less than five minutes in the air" theme.

I would say that on longer flights, more takeoffs and landings, fuel for the future.

Zamamee1... said...

I think it depends more on the type of material that is the plan, because one or two years, I have an RC plane, and could not stop beating, until I tried to steal the damn top of a hill, very good fell apart, the two wings came out, released one of the hoods of the helix is, the tail was bent and I had to throw up, he had a couple of turns, which play with the propeller speed of balanced, but now I try to RC models, that are sustainable, less available than gasoline-powered airplanes have a long life

Pilot in Training said...

If you just a beginner in this, DONT GET GAS POWERED RC Airplane. If you want something hard, but easier to fix, then get a motor to be driven, brushless electric aerobatic aircraft or any other you want. Gas costs more power and more maintenance. Of course, going to be easier, but now you have the necessary skills, is connected to a gas, rather than an airplane gas rc then CRASH! There Goes $ 500!
I started with 6-Ch RC helicopter has become difficult to handle and expensive maintenance. You can always more batteries, fly to continue for a long time. It takes 10 hours. Members and you're gonna get minute not only 5th which flightout! Take steps to big will cause the downfall of you (to crash and lose a lot of money). Electricity can be a powerful and durable.

pj said...

Gasoline is best. and landing, when all five minutes to change batteries

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