Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Side Wedgie Video What Is Your Worst Wedgie Story What Is Your Worst Wedgie Story ?

What Is Your Worst Wedgie Story ? - side wedgie video what is your worst wedgie story

My little brother gets on my nerves and I bet I could run until the end of the road and back again before he could. The loser gets 3 wedgie and still wanted the victory. I was sure I could win because it is a slow runner. As I drove well, I tripped and hit me. He saved up my hands to his sides and his legs so that I could not resist. The first was a hanging wedgie and made me carry the boxes. It hung on a tree with a fishing rod for about 30 seconds. The second was an Atomic Wedgie and underwear, with over my head for about 20 seconds for grandma underwear. The third was a sports block, and I was there for about 2 minutes!
What is your worst wedgie story?


Go Phillies!!!! said...

Oh well mines just like yours. See, I have two older brothers, not much older and still in their torment me until they suffer from the image plane. Whatever we say one day a bet that he could never win in the pool, give the other 4 wedgie. Well my brothers decided that a team and I said ok, but if I win, I will give all 4, then he said ok, but if they would win and get 8 so stupid accepted. Well it turned out they were lost at the pool very well and good. So for 2 days, I received a total of 8 wedgie. And my brothers are called:
1. hanging wedgie (1 hr) 2. Messy Wedgie (SO gross)
3. Jock lock wedgie (1 hr) 4. JibJab (if painful)
5. Wedgie Frosty (6. until thawed) Banana wedgie
7. another lock Jock (1 hr) 8. Hanging wedgie (2 hours).

These painful hold and give me a day.

♥♥Bunz♥♥ said...

Wedgie have a story like yours, but if my husband and I are on vacation and at a table, a cafe sitting, we wedgie. We give each other points, 5 to 10 wedgie, we were as good as it is. He prefers to go waiting for food.

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