Saturday, February 13, 2010

How To Change The Tail Light For The 2002 Vw Golf 2002 VW Jetta - Check Engine Light?

2002 VW Jetta - check engine light? - how to change the tail light for the 2002 vw golf

OK, so I bought the car last year and seems in good shape. In a year, even if I have the following
Full Vehicle Inspection
Rear Breakpad / belt
VW replaced by a central plug
Command replaces the mirror of the control side
By: A / C and has more color defendants (leaks)
New oil pan
100K mile service
Pollen filter change
Catalyst for a new
Bush, new brakes Berrings Struts
replace rear light bulb
replace the lamp back (again)
, Replacing the plastic panel to the chassis
4 new tires and wheel alignment
leaking transmission pan gasket and filter replacement
the dog bone to replace the transmission mount
Car keyring attached
Replacement driver side taillight assembly
ReInsert the support of the trunk actuator
replace fuel pump secondary

and of course had all my regular oil change.
Thereafter, the light yesterday damn check engine light came on.
I wanted to cry. I have 5k in the car in a year. I know it has 118K miles for what she hopes some into him, but Geez.

Here the problem is now. I have received two different locations for a diagnostic test, and in both places, a message that states that only "connection error" try again.
I think we all need to replace the port before she could understand why the light is coming. The problem is that the broker more than an hour and is open only during the time I'm at work.

What could dim the light?


Adrenaline Freak said...

Probably the lambda probe. When all the liquids are good - the lead! Both the temperature and oil pressure is good, unity. The state of my light "check in more than 25,000 miles. Your consumption compared to that which is classified as a car. If this is not bad, keep rolling.

gregb said...

This is probably the sensor 02 Have an electrical shop run a Autozone (diagnosis, this is free). Then, from there ...

helpful bob said...

Not sure if this is a bad connection or cable into the system allows the two compositions to communicate, but I found a project that went wrong in the vehicle can cause problems when you try to diagnose the connection scanners, etc.
I will try to see if the system can be reset or disabled OCI does not resemble the test team comps.Then only communicate with your readers, and an error code or the light will switch on again and maybe you BEC has deleted or reset System project with the test kit to communicate.

Hope it helps and the best way luck.By compositions are sometimes confused or mixed internal and can not stop a port for communication between them and other compositions.

kcg1986 said...

Could be anything. I mean, nothing. The lights illuminate when check engine detects Thet something is wrong. As a new car has more sensors in the engine, wheels and drive, you can count on. Could in fact might be something wrong or a defective sensor. If we are not aware of the differences in vehicle performance Freak Me Out, manufacturers are also out of date when howerver implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY is to be covered on the powertrain. Make sure that the dealer if you can wait, but to leave for a few days. You see, if you could help with someone, or maybe the dealer can rent you a car pool.

Jarod O said...

I am a former owner of 2000 VW Jetta and I stress the word before. These are pieces of shit. You want to tell you why? Because they are manufactured in Mexico and in Germany to save labor costs. True. Check your gas gap and you will see in Mexico. My engine light came as a control. The car was good, but not for emissions. The ABS light and window light fluid was also in the reservoir. I said to myself, what I really want to save a few thousand dollars for a car with 125k miles on it too? Hell no! I sold it on Ebay and bought a Lexus IS250 with 18-inch chrome wheels, etc., is made by Toyota Lexus and my car was manufactured in Japan. I suggest that you run a car at the earliest possible date. BMW are, try one of them.

Furthermore, noNo O2 sensor. You will receive a code that states that the system is too poor. The feeling of an imbalance of combined fuel and air. The workshop will solve everything, but never fire. He also started the transmission in his car, edit it, even in a warmer climate? You need a temperature sensor in the near future. Just get rid of the car as quickly as possible.

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