Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Small 14ft Sailboat Help Sailboat Questions. What Are Some Small (10-14ft) Sailboats That Can Accept A 2hp Motor?

Sailboat questions. What are some small (10-14ft) sailboats that can accept a 2hp motor? - small 14ft sailboat help

I am new to this on the market for a motor dealer, may 1 to accept a small motor for the Navy and 2 be stored in a garage and 3rd May in a position to Sail Away () along the coast,

I was looking for something like the Hunter 146, but my budget is not so great .. All boats possible, suggestions?


The Capn said...

You can search for something like a com-pac 16th You can for less than $ 3,000, a very good navigation and cruise, you will find comfort and the ability of coastal trips (with a small cuddy cabin from the rain and time). Well, he fits well into a trailer and probably can be up to about 4 MW.

over a distance of something more, something like a sailor Oday or spend a day on $ 3,000 or less and is 19 "or 17" depending on the model. Still very easy to transport.

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