Monday, February 22, 2010

Elongated Toilet Carpeted Seat Covers Why Are Elongated Toilets More Comfortable?

Why are elongated toilets more comfortable? - elongated toilet carpeted seat covers

All the information in the bathrooms, which I read said they are comfortable elongated toilet. Why?


tallswee... said...

Elongated toilet (especially those of the ADA, which are higher in the bowl) is much more convenient than the whole year. How to say it too fine?
Very good - to a bathroom all to be comfortable - you should have a little teeny-ass - and most of us!
If you more support under the head of the femur and is therefore more comfortable. There is so much pressure on the bones of the lower basin.

Hope this helps!

Applianc... said...

The seat fits the contour of the buttocks better.

groovint... said...

comprehensive round of toilets that sit on the balls

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