Monday, February 8, 2010

How To Congratulate New Baby Boy Who Will Put Aside Their Hatred And Congratulate Ricky Ponting On His Pregnancy?

Who will put aside their hatred and congratulate Ricky Ponting on his pregnancy? - how to congratulate new baby boy

I say Ricky Ponting will have a child?

What do you think Ricky Ponting is it?

Option A:
A boy?

Option B:
A girl?


Ange said...

A big congratulations to Ricky and Rianna hope for the birth of her little bundle of joy .....
Should come around August this year ....

And what I think will succeed?
I do not care as long as mother and child are healthy and healthy at birth, Jr. ...

Good luck to Ponting (Punter and little)

ASK said...

A third child, a girl in the third and the third a monkey!

JAMMY said...

TWINS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
both a boy and a girl !!!!!!!!!

Arsenal0... said...

Could not that make his question that others, mainly because I happened to at least 1 / 2 hours?

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