Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Virgin Phone Installation Problems Virgin V+ Installation Problems?

Virgin V+ Installation problems? - virgin phone installation problems

Has anyone had problems with the V + system installed by Virgin? It amazes me, the incompetence and the utter inability of the company to install their own equipment in my house and up and running. Three Engineers (after 3 hours on the phone), two units of the remote control (does not work!), 50 meters of cable throughout the home, two days while waiting for the engineers (only after reaching 6 then said it was a request to a manager !)), and the system (including broadband, and nothing works!

Any help as I can be a positive outcome of the Virgin, or what I should bite the bullet and go get the Sky?


Ed said...

Keep your broadband is the cheapest around. Get rid of the TV and not bother with Sky, they are all a scam, not worth the money.

How do you assess need at home, five television?

Eabs said...

How many have television? It is possible that you may have the interlocking front of his house in his department, too often and become a problem. You can install to an amplifier to amplify the signal and possibly work

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