Saturday, January 16, 2010

Marble Monuments What Does This Poem Mean? Not Marble, Nor The Gilded Monuments?

What does this poem mean? Not Marble, Nor The Gilded Monuments? - marble monuments

What is the poem, for, and how can you understand?

Not marble nor the gilded monuments
Prince will outlive this powerful rhyme;
But you will shine brighter in the bone cont ‰
That the unswept stone, smeared with the messy weather.
When wasteful war to topple statues
And the root of disputes Masonry
Neither Mars nor the sword of war burn rapidly fire
The testimony of the life her memory.
"Death and cons of all non-hostile
Take a step forward is still possible to be praised
Even in the eyes of posterity
That wear this world of ours, the ultimate punishment.
So, put up the decision itself
They live in the present and live in the eyes of the beloved.


greeneye... said...

The poem is intended to cover the subject in the verse. The poem should impress the topic with the intention of the poet. The poem survive longer than the gold plated statue) (Monument, which could be built for a prince, etc. The theme of the poem (probably some attractive beauty that the poet wants really, really be), is presented in the poem when, etc. In addition, the end, basically it is Jewish, says in the poem until the Day of Reckoning (datum-immortalized Christian beliefs), and "to do" from his grave at this rate.

I think it is amusing to observe that the discussion is about poetry as a great poet, and as they grasp the subject, but - in the end, says absolutely nothing about the subject. There is great irony here, and shows the true arrogance of the author, and shows that his intention is to please her, or stand for, but impressed with the creation of the poem.

I hope that helps.

ari said...

Of course, it is Shakespeare's Sonnet 55
Sonnet stock hits its subject with some others, 18, 19, 65, 81, 107, 123, which are loved the power of poetry against death and the cruel knife of the time, and the promise of immortality to the. Strangely, he seems the youth online, without disclosing the fact that differ from the immortal immortality seems to give anonymity. The last verse seems quite satisfactory, and know no need for further research on the poet and support the demand to know who is he that is eternal life. Just like life in the eyes of the fans to understand all mysteries, and perhaps the last day, the final destination, even if we know all the answers, and realize that they are not so important.

raydioch... said...

OK, I think it is easier to understand couplets (2 lines)

There are golden statues or idols of the Princes) (bonus should be as long as this poem
Shine with greater intensity after the stone dust contaminated (not / statues)
The war destroyed the statues and struggling to break pieces of the base (type)
Mars is the god of war .. he can not get rid of memory (register)
Cons death and an enemy who forgets also r
further in his praise ... still room
== Legacy and long-lived () and after your departure
PPL, which are the world until the end of the day
You live in this poem, and those who love

That's my best guess .... the last line, or at least I'm not positive, but an interpretation

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