Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Apps Store Do The Old Generation Ipod Touch Have The Apps Store On Them?

Do the old generation ipod touch have the apps store on them? - apps store

If, as can be / You can put the business on the iPod Touch applications, it is free?


SweetW said...

You have to buy an updated firmware for the iPod Touch. It costs $ 10 and you must create an account to purchase with iTunes.

Then, when it downloaded and installed on your contact, you can from the iTunes Store and get all the applications. Many applications are free, it costs only $ 0.99 per game. However, several technical books and materials will be $ 30 or $ 40

MagikMon... said...

While the iPod touch firmware 2.0 or higher, you can applications App Store. The update costs $ 10 or $ 0 if you look in the right places ... ;)

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