Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jet Dock For Sale Can A Jet Ski Be Docked In The Water Over Night?

Can a Jet Ski be docked in the water over night? - jet dock for sale

I'm going on vacation at a lake. There is a spring in the yard, and I wonder if I my jet ski can be found in the port facility for more than 1 day? It is a freshwater lake.


dontknow said...

sure. not only for long periods or have a set of foam and other problems, the growth factors and the possibility of blistering hull. for a weekend vacation, they are good. Bush a few times while driving in the water. without chemicals. a sponge.

TruthB said...

Do not take in water. If you play all day on the lake and Cam any form of empty water and enjoy.

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