Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Cooking Deer Sausage Do I Have To Cook Summer Sausage?

Do I have to cook Summer Sausage? - cooking deer sausage

I bought this Little John jalapeno cheese summer sausage with pork and game. I was wondering whether you need to be cooked. I have re fend for myself I was from the house of the mother, I'm on my account. I do not eat to die. I am sure that you do not cook, but I want to be sure. Thank you.


Gizmo said...

Delicatessen usually eaten cold, just copy the link. If you prefer, you can roast them, but to melt the cheese and make a mess in the pan. I like summer sausage slices on Ritz crackers.

dianakno... said...

Summer sausage, any sausage that is cured, which can be stored without refrigeration, in different ways. It can be dried or smoked. When smoked, the sausage reaches a temperature high enough to kill many bacteria.

According to survivors' microbiological safety and quality of food "(Lund), the bacterium L. monocytogenes, which are better than Salmonella, it was very difficult, was roast beef sausages and hot dogs (p. 1200). Factors contributing to this low level of bacteria, in particular by the high temperature of the liquid smoke, pressure, vacuum, and drying out the surface. But to say that resistant bacteria can survive these conditions, an.

The Food and Drug Administration said that food security is closely linked with the observance of rules of storage are linked. Note that there were different models of the sausage "refrigerate Note" open, instead of one.

As is usually given to be eaten without cooking.

Noah said...

The smoking and drying, before the sale - as is already cooked, it is not necessary for cooking and are often eaten cold. Think of it as beef jerky really is - and it's hard.

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