Thursday, January 7, 2010

Backyard Movie Theater Where Can I Find Teens Who Live In Really Cool Homes?

Where can I find teens who live in really cool homes? - backyard movie theater

I want to meet young people in my role in the new show a citizens' initiative network. I am looking for young people built with extreme space for them. I want to find an indoor bowling to home theater or a race track in the yard. I am looking for young people in a house that their friends can not stay away live. THX!


dudley18... said...

Placing an ad on craigslist or a newspaper to tell people what you want.

jessica madison JOnas<3 said...

it depends on where you live, how can you go to the rich part of town and put flyers in the mailboxes of people, for example, if you live in New York, you can try, Park Avenue or more locations, such as or you can use your network to and ask people if you can put up flyers in public places such as private happiness =)

christie... said...

The creepy, is this a joke? tries to attract young people and to 'a go' home?


Rick Hansen, the team down!

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