Friday, December 25, 2009

Kids Bicycle Helmets Do Parent Know What Kids Think Of Bicycle Helmets/pads?

Do parent know what kids think of bicycle helmets/pads? - kids bicycle helmets

I know that many children do not like, mainly because it blocks the wind, you slow down. I understand why some parents make the children wear a bicycle helmet, but what is a law in some states thats hands. I know how easy it is to do damage to your car, but when his horse, the only way to fall, by accident or just pure stupidity. An accident would be his shoelaces on the pedals and is caught. The boy couldnt do anything about it. Stupidity is not slow or stop Come on tight corners, tried a maneuver. If you teach your child how to be safe, then you probably know how to safely ride. Also, most children make merry over her helmet boys 11 to 14 I understand the wearing of helmets for the small 5-8.

Last question

Why did they make a law to wear a helmet

Is there a law in Missouri

Do you already have your child if he or she is wearing a helmet, what they feel about this


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