Thursday, December 31, 2009

Baby Paddling Pool Advice On Holiday In Dubai With Baby?

Advice on holiday in Dubai with baby? - baby paddling pool

Hi, before the holidays on 24 September, is very hot and I wanted some advice for my two children, 3, one of 3.2 months. My son loves the pool, but will not hold for T-shirt, hat, sunscreen is enough? But it is not so, such as olive me .. blond hair, and I am breastfeeding my baby's chubby, it would be splashing in the pool with me? He had all his shots and is very attentive and curious, I am of course a costume acrylic on him, that is a travel bed just right, how was it? They are also good babysitter? This is a 5-star hotel and I and my husband wants a series of meals is also our 5th And our 30th wedding anniversary Cell phones, so they tried all the hard work, we have to celebrate this occasion not to go, always ... lol I did not leave a baby, but probably only a dream, I believe, the hand pump too hard, should I invest in an electric? Are they good? So many questions, I know, but thank you if they tell me:) xx


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