Friday, December 11, 2009

Electric Torture Scene Here Is The Last Part Of The Scene You Just Read. Do You Want Me To Go On?

Here is the last part of the scene you just read. Do you want me to go on? - electric torture scene

Tears came down my face and I knew it was much longer. He lost control of the height of the bed for the accuracy of the palm of my sweaty hands, and I could hear a ringing in the ears. That was all. I was almost killed by it.
Burning, bleeding, torture radiated through my body in all directions, sending members shook my horse, and a call for help from my mouth. There was no help. I was alone and had no idea what to expect. At this time, only three things alone knew.
First, there was no pain in the world worse than what happened. Secondly, I changed quickly and dramatically, it is not safe. Thirdly, there was no way to stop it.
A new wave of fear flew directly into my body. This was the worse, like an electric current. I could feel the warmth of his chest heaving, grinding his teeth in an increased fear.
My eyes were wet and glistening with tears always flow torture and steep toes trying to survive. My hair was shiny black on bright blue lights in my rOOM and my whole body was soaked from head to toe with sweat.
He released her and sank my nails into the deepest places in my bed Maplewood. I curled my toes on my mattress when I tried to resist the misery in the last hours of the day, had caused me. When the pain in circles around the head, I saw visions that he had never seen before.
The circles, the pain made me dizzy and dizzy and I fell unconscious in the sweat-soaked sheets for the mattress.


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