Sunday, December 13, 2009

Free Electric Torture Movies Is Waterboarding Justified?

Is waterboarding justified? - free electric torture movies

Firstly, I am for my English perspective, be biased.
President Obama just said that because the U-boat with good results for people who commit them are not edited.
Perhaps we should examine that statement.
In my opinion, is waterboarding torture, and say that torture was acceptable if it yields good results.
If the electrical contacts on sensitive parts of the body, or perhaps floggin at the bottom of the feet go, as it is practiced in some systems.
Allowed free run to these examples of CIA torture would stop at nothing.
We know that place people in different countries where torture is permissible ((version)), so they can argue that they tortured people in the U.S. and what they did.
Is a kind of torture is a form of neglect, to what extent they can go.
If the torture of a man or a woman ... ... Who can do what they want and claim a good result.
People who are not of this are the words that I !!!&&&&, .. sick, degraded underPeople.
Use your own description and nothing is so bad.


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